Osseous Surgery

One of the most evidenced based and common surgical procedures where incisions are made around the tooth, and the gum tissue is pulled back slightly. This provides access to thoroughly remove all plaque and calculus. Irregularities of the bone caused by periodontal disease are smoothed and the gum tissue is placed back around the tooth, closer to the bone. When the procedure is completed, resorbable (“dissolving”) sutures are used. A protective dressing may be placed around the necks of the teeth to cover the surgical area and to help secure the new gum-to-tooth relationship.  You will need to be seen in approximately 14 days to remove any remaining sutures and evaluate your healing. By moving the gum closer to the bone, the pockets will be reduced (shallower) allowing for better access to clean the areas.  However, the tooth may appear longer and the spaces between the teeth will be larger. In cosmetic areas, other treatment options are preferred to prevent esthetic compromises.