Edentulism (tooth loss)

The loss or need to remove one or more teeth can occur for a variety of reasons.  Ideally efforts to save teeth are considered first, but should be employed when the prognosis (odds of an outcome) to achieve this is fair to good.  If a tooth cannot be treated or the effort will not render a long-term success then removal and replacement of teeth can be achieved using dental implants.  As with all diseases and conditions, early diagnosis and planning is critical.  Before a tooth is removed its current and/or future role in chewing, smiling and speaking should be considered.  If replacing a tooth or teeth is important to maintain or regain any of these roles, then a plan to achieve this should be in place before the extraction occurs.  However, if a tooth is already missing we can determine what needs to be done for its successful replacement.  This may include rebuilding bone or modifying the position of sinuses in select circumstances.  BONE GRAFTING; RIDGE PRESERVATION; ALVEOLAR RIDGE AUGMENTATION; SINUS ELEVATION 

Dental implants serve as titanium foundations (new roots) that can support single, multiple or complete sets of teeth depending on the needs of the individual.  The care is performed in a team fashion where we remove teeth and place dental implants (with any associated bone procedures).  Your general dentist or prosthodontist builds the prosthesis (tooth or teeth and connecting abutments) once the implants are ready to use.  DENTAL IMPLANTS